Kavatepada is a small tribal village in the Wada block of Palghar. As many other marginalized communities, villagers from this tiny village, faced problems during the lockdown. Nearly 60 families of Warli, Katkari and Malhar Koli tribes were dependent on daily wages and faced dire need of essential groceries for daily survival. Sandeep and Arun Khulat, residents from the same village approached BELIEF to seek support for providing the supply of essentials to these families.

BELIEF started a fund raising campaign to mitigate the need of Kavatepada. A lot of kind hearted people shared their concern and some of them also donated funds for this relief work. Arun took a lot of effort in coordinating the process as it was very difficult to reach to the Wada city amid the lockdown and search for the vendor who can assure the supply of all ingredients from our releaf packets. It took two-three days to arrange all the ingredients. Village volunteers assisted Khulat duos to distribute the releaf packets. All villagers shared their gratitude to BELIEF for supporting them in such an emergency situation.

It would not have been possible without the support received from all the contributors. Thanks You!

Material unloaded at Primary School


Preparing Packets

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