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We at BELIEF are missioned to bring the social change by improving the quality of public education. We want to engage with all the stakeholders and align them on quality education. Currently, we are working with Anganwadis, Parents and other Civil Service Organizations.

Early Childhood Education

Parent as Teachers

A program aiming capacity building of parents and getting their involvement in the development of children from 3 to 6 years. This program includes developing content aligned to the state curriculum and developing a handbook for parents.

Training of Anganwadi Teachers

A dedicated program for capacity building of Anganwadi teachers through training and handholding of Anganwadi teachers on the Aakar curriculum.

Supporting Other Civil Service Organizations


We know the problem of quality education is very big and complex. It is very important to address this problem through various approaches and interventions. Belief supports other organizations for developing teaching learning resources, assessment tools, training and capability building programs.

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